Peace Sticks being used in Australian University

Create Connection -  Synergy - Harmony & Efficiency in your business.

  1. Team building for your business.  Peace Sticks creates an opening for people to connect, to live something in common.  This experience is designed to establish trust, understanding and friendship that become a foundation for all future interactions.   The intention is to create clear pathways for energy, information, and communication to flow within a group of people, so that your desired result for the business as a whole will be created easily and with the full potential of each member.  This course also uses teaching from Non Violent Communication, Thich Nhat Han, and other wisdom on peace and community.

  2. Peace Sticks in Schools.   Peace Sticks can bring about wonderful change in students.  It gives them a chance to use and develop their bodies and minds without competition or judgment.   It is a way to experience cooperation, self confidence, and a balanced give and take relationship.  The first session begins with a demonstration, a teaching about peace and cooperation, and an opportunity to play.

  3. Peace Sticks at Events.  When people are called together there is one thing that matters most to each individual. “Did I feel a connection a belonging to the whole, Did I get the opportunity to share my gift?”  Bringing Peace sticks to an event creates the opening for people to connect with each other, to engage their mind and body, and have fun with each other.  We offer performances ceremonies and group teachings with our Peace sticks tribe.  We bring a healing positive vibration through music, movement and unity.