Peace Circle

Peace Circle *Center for World Peace* El Gigante, Nicaragua The peace circle is a place for people from all over the world to come together. To reconnect with nature, each other, ourselves, and our purpose in life. To teach, learn, and live in ways that create world peace. The Peace Circle is open to individuals, groups, Schools, businesses, Retreats and Teachers. Please contact us with your calling and vision. Location, Location, Location. “Hola Amigos Bienvenido a Playa De la Paz.” Hi Friends welcome to Playa De la Paz also known as Amarillo. This stunning, beautiful, natural beach will be your home. This area of Nicaragua is surging with life force energy. Monkeys, hawks, butterflies and a huge variety of Flora and Fauna fill the jungle mountains which descend onto a giant, fine, multicolored, sand beach. Incredible waves, breathe taking lightning, star filled skies, and smiling faces of the local people bring a deep richness to life here. Life at the Peace Center. Where the whole experience is a teaching. Super Foods Peace Sticks Surfing Yoga Spirit Eating Fresh, Local, super, Foods Activating our life force through Peace Sticks, yoga, Chi Gung, Meditation, and more.
  • Jedi training
  • Sacred Music
  • Ceremony
  • Connecting and building relationships with ourselves and others through the heart
  • Living in harmony and balance with the earth.
  • Peaceful Communication
  • Real life Spanish (Classes and Taught throughout the week)
  • Nature Adventures (get to know the land, edible medicinal plants, biology)
  • Creating a wonderful Future for El Gigante, Nicaragua, and Planet Earth
Lodging: We offer both luxury camping and housing. How to prepare: Bring protection from the sun, Sunscreen, hats, etc. Light weight long sleeve pants and shirts for evening insect protection. Natural insect repellant, Headlamps, sheets, tent, sleeping pad. Hiking shoes. Reusable water bottles. Rain jacket. Open to Spirit to visions, guidance, Protection, all that you need, Peace, and love. How we can give back together Free Food, language teachings, and making Peace Sticks. Summer 2012 “first roots.” Two months living with no electricity, running water, or vehicle, besides my surfboard. Two lifetime dreams Realized. One we started the Peace Circle, center for world peace In Nicaragua. Two we found the ultimate source for Peace Sticks. The Peace Circle is a place for people from all around the world to come together to learn and practice peace sticks, life activation, and living with the earth and each other in harmony. When I arrived I began playing Peace Sticks with the local people, showing them the sticks I had made and asking if they knew of good sources for wood. I could feel their passion as they returned to the center with bundles of sticks tied together by the bark of the tree. The Wood: The name of the tree is guácimo Guazuma ulmifolia and it grows abundantly in the jungles around the Peace Circle. The sprout ups or suckers grow very straight and are the perfect diameter. Removing these suckers does not damage the main tree, allowing for an ecologically sustainable harvest. The wood is almost white, has a smooth feel, and ideal weight for Peace Sticks. The Process: One or two locals hike into the jungle with machetes searching for the Guacimo trees and the perfect offshoots. They chop them off in about 6 ft. lengths, then use the machete to shave off the bark. The bark is then used to tie a bundle of sticks together. They carry the sticks back and then cut them into peace sticks using a hacksaw. The sticks are then carefully smoothed using a machete, and sand paper. We then paint the sticks often with local kids using our fingers and a drying rack made of wood. We then tie the sticks together with the peace circle logo and they are ready. The Cycle: We are now selling the sticks to keep the cycle in motion. The sticks sell for $20 – 33. The proceeds are being used to continue the Peace Circle Project, the Free Food for Peace Program and Free Art, Language, Health, and Peace Sticks Classes. Two brothers who were a huge part in the process both have newborn babies. It is such a rewarding feeling to sell a pair of sticks here, share all the good vibrations from the Nicaraguan jungle and people and practice of Peace Sticks, and know that when I return I can hire the locals to make more and they can use this money to buy food for their newborn babies and bring their families to eat free food and learn in free classes. Thank you for being part of the Peace Circle.