Peace Sticks is a life activating, connecting practice, that embodies the energies of Yoga, Chi Gung, Martial Arts, Tribal Dance, Music and community weaving Ceremony. hobaugh_20130901__MG_7866 Peace Sticks cultivates vibrant health, pure awareness, life force energy, and balanced empathic, peaceful connection between people and all our relations. Peace Sticks is a game and a practice that creates inner peace, outer peace, world peace. Peace Sticks cultivates inner peace, by naturally bringing our minds and bodies fully into the present moment creating a moving meditation. Peace Sticks cultivates peace among people by teaching us to heighten our awareness to the energy and flow of others and to meet them in harmony. Peace Sticks creates world peace by uniting us beyond the boundaries of language, countries, and any other form of separation. All you need is a few sticks and people. This practice is rooted in collaboration, creativity, connection, and friendship and develops skills that we will use to create a peaceful world future. DSC_0167    sticks05