Cultivating our Human Potential and Energy to the Highest levels for use in the Creation of Vibrant Health World Peace ONE LOVE for All Our Relations AHO

In Essence this school is timeless, for its teachings are the truths of the universe. Many words and languages have been used to describe Life Energy, such as Chi, Prana, Medicine, Mana, Spirit. In 2012 we are gifted with the sacred ancient teaching from lineages around the globe and beyond. In aligning our lives with the wisdom of nature we are able to create beautiful miracles that radiate life energy to all things. All things offer a perpective a teaching. We are open to learn from masters of many practices including, surfing, skateboarding, Peace Sticks, Chi Gung, Yoga, Super Foods, Healing, Shamanism, Languages, Meditation, Nature, Fire, Water, Plants, Animals, Stars.