“Our intention is to create peace around the world.”

We were on a hike in an old growth Oak Forest with our dog Spot. It had just rained and there were mosses and mushrooms(Photo by Erika P. Rodriguez ©2011) stix021growing in the new sunlight. Our friend Old Tree directed our attention to a huge great horned owl perched above us. Shortly after my brother Evan and I picked up some sticks and started throwing them back and forth, and Peace Sticks was born. Since this time we have played with friends, family, and in schools in a variety of ways and more and more dimensions of the practice have come to life. Recently many signs came to me that it was time to share this gift. Our intention is to create peace around the world. At times humanity has said we are in a world war. Right now, I feel, we are in the beginning of a world peaceful revolution. People all across the globe are realizing that we can’t continue building bombs, waging war, and destroying the environment. We need to change the way we live. We need to create peace. 2012 is a time for new beginnings and reaching our ultimate human potential on planet earth. I have a vision of people of all ages all races in all parts of the world playing Peace sticks. Having fun. Bringing our minds and bodies into focus. Balancing the left and right sides of the brain. Cultivating our strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, self confidence, spiritual well being, and friendship. Creating inner peace, outer peace, and world peace. Enjoy the game, One Love, Aho sticks03profile2 DSC_0425stix021