1. Find a nice soft place to play. (Grass, Beach) Bare feet is best. 2. Stand face to face and palms to palms with the Peace Sticks in between your hands. Look into each other’s eyes and take 3 breaths in unity. Then each person takes a stick in the left hand. Say “Inner Peace” as you take 1 step back, “Outer Peace,” on the 2nd step back and “World Peace” on the 3rd step back. 3. Look at each other’s hearts, bend your knees, and on the exhale throw simultaneously. Throw the stick carefully with little or now spin. 4. Use your whole body to move fluidly with the sticks. Moving your feet is essential to staying fluid, and as you play feel free to move in any direction. 5. Make each throw so that it helps your partner as much as possible. Use both hands equally and throw back with the hand you caught it with. As soon as you catch a stick throw it back immediately. This helps the rhythm. If you have two sticks at once throw them both. 6. When a stick falls, stay relaxed, let it stay on the ground and keep your focus to catch the next stick. Throw back the one you caught, pick up the stick on the ground and throw it back in the same rhythm. This allows the game to flow continuously. 7. You can play at any distance and with more than 2 people. Special tips: Commit fully to playing, focus all of your energy, like an animal. Play for at least 7 minutes with out stopping. The longer you play uninterrupted the deeper the moving meditation and activation of wild life force energy. The most important idea is to always help the other person. * Help spread peace by committing to teach and play with 12 or more new people. Be open to a completely unique experience with each person, and focus your energy to meet their energy in harmony. Ask them to commit to teaching 12 new people. In this way we will Spread Peace across the Globe forever growing the One Love World Peace Tribe. stix012  

peace sticks_by erika p rodriguez_04 DSC_0787