Peace Sticks are sourced and crafted at our Peace Centers in Nicaragua and Ojai, CA.


Guácimo Peace Sticks - Made in Nicaragua

Your Peace Sticks are Eco Harvested, Hand Made, Love painted, Instruments for World Peace.

The Wood

The name of the tree is guácimo Guazuma ulmifolia and it grows abundantly in the jungles around the Peace Circle. The sprout ups or suckers grow very straight Harvesting Sticksand are the perfect diameter. Removing these suckers does not damage the main tree, allowing for an ecologically sustainable harvest. The wood is almost white, has a smooth feel, and ideal weight for Peace Sticks.

The Process

The locals hike into the jungle with machetes searching for the Guacimo trees and the perfect offshoots. They chop them off in about 6 ft. lengths, then use machetes to shave off the bark. They use the bark to tie a bundle of sticks together and carry them back. They use handsaws to cut them into peace sticks then carefully smooth them using a machete, and sand paper. We invite local kids for a painting ceremony, and use our fingers to paint and infuse the sticks with the energy of the youth and vision of a peaceful future, where kids are safe, respected and taken care of with love.

The Cycle We are now selling the sticks to keep the cycle in motion. The pro Seeds are being used to continue the Peace Circle Project, the Free Food for Peace Program and Free Art, Language, Health, and Peace Sticks Classes. Two brothers who were a huge part in the process both have newborn babies. It is such a rewarding feeling to sell a pair of sticks here, share all the good vibrations from the Nicaraguan jungle and people and practice of Peace Sticks, and know that when I return I can give back to the locals empowering them to buy food for their newborn babies and bring their families to eat free food and learn in free classes. girl painting Nica Womenpaint circle nica shine  


Arrundo Local “Bamboo Like” Peace Sticks - Made in Ojai, CA

In your hands you hold a gift from nature with the power to create:
  • Vibrant Health
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Connection & Friendship
Right now we are being called to live a new way rooted in right relations with all things. Our heartfelt thanks for your help in creating peace around the world. Note: To get the longest life out of your set, play on soft surfaces and take special care of these lightweight sticks. About your Peace Sticks In every step we have made choices that we believe will create Peace. These sticks are made from a bamboo like plant called Arrundo. They are lightweight, and sanded so that you can play safely at the highest levels. Human Touch Children and members of our tribe painted these sticks with their fingers and an intention of peace. In this way the sticks are carrying life energy. When each person plays we are literally connecting our hands together. Feel free to paint on these sticks with your fingers and your childrens and friends fingers to continue the world peace connection. **** The paint has not been sealed or lacquered. May wear off after a period of time. Eco Harvested Hand chosen sticks from the riverbeds of our home Ojai, CA. Arrundo is an invasive species that crowds out native Species, so by harvesting it we are creating space for the local species to thrive helping to restore the habitat. Eco Made and Fair Trade Our circle of friends harvests, crafts, and ships from our hometown of Ojai Valley, thus using the least possible amount of fossil fuels. Nothing goes to waste Our Peace Circles are Made with %100 recycled paper, and soy and vegetable based inks and wrapped in reusable hemp string.. A young kid made a necklace with the string and the circle. Be creative, make something, and pass it on as a gift of peace. Play for the Environment Because Arrundo is an invasive species, it is routinely sprayed with a toxic herbicide mixture, poisoning natural waterways and all the plants animals and humans that swim in and drink this water. We are partnering with Pesticide Free Ojai to stop the spraying, find new solutions such as Peace Sticks, and restore our natural environment. For more info. go to stix002