Peace Sticks creates world peace by uniting us beyond the boundaries of language, countries, and any other form of separation. All you need is a few sticks and people. This practice is rooted in collaboration, creativity, connection, and friendship and develops skills that we will use to create a peaceful world future.


As you continue to play you enter deeper and deeper into the zone, where you are able to act effortlessly from your deepest power. The opportunity to discover our true ability and strength gives you the confidence to meet the world with peace and offer your true gifts.

Physical: Cardio work out, relives stress, oxygenates all cells in the body, increases reflexes, hand eye coordination, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Mental: Connects neural pathways between left and right hemispheres of the brain, shown to increase mental abilities, development, and help mental disorders such as dyslexia.

Emotional/ social: The practice is based on non-judgment and collaboration. This creates the opportunity for us to experience and discover ourselves and others on a very deep level building true self confidence and friendship.

Spiritual: In this technology age our minds are often flooded with stimulation and information from computers, cell phones, video games, etc. This leads to high levels of stress, and a disconnection from ourselves and nature. Peace Sticks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to enter into a state of clear mind, meditation. This allows us to connect with our spirit, to hear and feel our own heart and being, and bring forth our unique gifts and healing into the world.

How to Play in 7 steps

1. Find a nice soft place to play. (Grass, Beach) Bare feet is best. 2. Stand face to face and palms to palms with the Peace Sticks in between your hands. Look into each other’s eyes and take 3 breaths in unity. Then each person takes a stick in the left hand. Say “Inner Peace” as you take 1 step back, “Outer Peace,” on the 2nd step back and “World Peace” on the 3rd step back. 3. Look at each other’s hearts, bend your knees, and on the exhale throw simultaneously. Throw the stick carefully with little or now spin. 4. Use your whole body to move fluidly with the sticks. Moving your feet is essential to staying fluid, and as you play feel free to move in any direction. 5. Make each throw so that it helps your partner as much as possible. Use both hands equally and throw back with the hand you caught it with. 4. As soon as you catch a stick throw it back immediately. This helps the rhythm. 5. When a stick falls, stay relaxed, let it stay on the ground and keep your focus to catch the next stick. Throw back the one you caught, pick up the stick on the ground and throw it back in the same rhythm. This allows the game to flow continuously. 6. If you have two sticks at once throw them both. 7. You can play at any distance and with more than 2 people. Special tips: Commit fully to playing, focus all of your energy, like an animal. Play for at least 7 minutes with out stopping. The longer you play uninterrupted the deeper the moving meditation and activation of wild life force energy. The most important idea is to always help the other person. * Help spread peace by committing to teach and play with 12 or more new people. Be open to a completely unique experience with each person, and focus your energy to meet their energy in harmony. Ask them to commit to teaching 12 new people. In this way we will Spread Peace across the Globe forever growing the One Love World Peace Tribe.

Origin & Vision

“Our intention is to create peace around the world.”

We were on a hike in an old growth Oak Forest with our dog Spot. It had just rained and there were mosses and mushrooms growing in the new sunlight. Our friend Old Tree directed our attention to a huge great horned owl perched above us. Shortly after my brother Evan and I picked up some sticks and started throwing them back and forth, and Peace Sticks was born. Since this time we have played with friends, family, and in schools in a variety of ways and more and more dimensions of the practice have come to life.

Recently many signs came to me that it was time to share this gift. Our intention is to create peace around the world.

At times humanity has said we are in a world war. Right now, I feel, we are in the beginning of a world peaceful revolution. People all across the globe are realizing that we can’t continue building bombs, waging war, and destroying the environment. We need to change the way we live. We need to create peace.

2012 is a time for new beginnings and reaching our ultimate human potential on planet earth.

I have a vision of people of all ages all races in all parts of the world playing Peace sticks. Having fun. Bringing our minds and bodies into focus. Balancing the left and right sides of the brain. Cultivating our strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, self confidence, spiritual well being, and friendship. Creating inner peace, outer peace, and world peace.

Enjoy the game, One Love, Aho


I really enjoy the exchange of energy that we are having today, because we are going to take that away and come Monday I feel like its bringing everyone closer together and we are going to work like more of an efficient team from sharing this experience together. -Greg Warner, Raw Food World

We all look forward to it after a long day of work, its just a great time to go out laugh have fun enjoy and connect with people and it relieves a lot of stress. It just feels good to get out there and move and enjoy yourself and you come back feeling energized and like you can tackle anything, like your ready to go. It’s a pick me up.

-Andrew Dolan, Raw Food World RFW

I met Shine at the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego this past June. What an amazing concept he and his brother created. The world in which today we live in can definitely use more peace. Having a background in corporate Real Estate, I can attest that Peace Stix can provide companies an amazing learning and bonding experience between employees. I also think that the concept of peace stix which I found really meditative in a social setting is just awesome. Shine has a great vision not only for Peace Stix but for all human kind - to create a path to peace, tranquility and togetherness. I highly recommend his expertise and think he would be an amazing addition to any corporation.


-Anya Sent in Gratitude

Anya Pechko • Director of Business Development ·

When I was introduced to Peace Sticks, I had the supreme luck of learning how to play from one of the creators of Peace Sticks. I was intrigued by the concept and, well, it just looked like a lot of fun! As soon as Shine and I started to play though, I was deeply impressed by the level of focus and concentration required to play. After a minute or two the rythm became settled and the effect was incredible... We were no longer putting forth much effort to use our hands, arms, bodies... I realized at once this was a fundamental example of what I call the human "knack." I mean our innate ability to play, try new things, to learn, and then to bring what we've discovered into the automatic. However, as opposed to one person using the knack to learn how to juggle alone, Peace Sticks creates an automatic connection, a synergy between the players.

I bought a pair of Peace Sticks at the conference and brought them back to the Treecycler office to show my coworkers. I introduced the team to Peace Sticks at a 4th of July BBQ we had at the office. After the first game, the next person wanted to try, and so on, until the BBQ was over and there were people who still wanted to play.

I let everyone know that the Peace Sticks are on my desk, and anyone who ever wanted to learn or use them was welcome. Since then, when people visit my desk for a conversation that's sure to be more than 60 seconds, there's a 50/50 chance (weather permitting) that we'll step outside and play Peace Sticks as we chat. It seems not only to increase awareness of oneself and the other, but also to help the communication dramatically.

Peace Sticks has a very broad application and mission. Sustainability is possible only when we work together in focused, creative and positive manner, and Peace Sticks gets this done at a fundamental level. Not only must we work to resolve existing conflict in the world, but to prevent future conflict. So, let the world play Peace Sticks! -Aaron Kinsman, Treecycler

"I noticed people throwing sticks at the Sustainable Brands Conference. I didn't really know what to make of it, and thought maybe it's like hacky sack with sticks. On the 2nd day I was not quite ready to play yet and by the 3rd day I was finally ready. It was total flow. I was laughing and smiling and felt completely at peace. Playing helped to release quite a few emotions and I had the opportunity to talk to Shine. In addition to laughter and smiling I did shed some tears in a very cathartic release. I appreciate Shine and his brother for sharing this experience."

-Roberta Romero, Journalist at Sustainable Brands Conference 2012

"Peace sticks is a great game, it is meditative, fun, a nice stimulation for peripheral vision, and depending on the level you play can be a great work out too. Play Peace Sticks with a friend and get into the flow, you’ll love it."

Esther Van Der Warf, Natural Vision Eduactor, Ojai Ca

"Shine, Thank you for your 'Velcro' community presence, again. Your blessing is our gift in gathering."

X Lotte

"Thank you for your presence and your words at Alitta's Birthday event last night, around the fire. It was really great leaving there with a profound sense of sacred love & illumination in my heart, & in my mind."

Blessings, Brilliant One,


"WE give gratitude and deep thanks to you, Shine Rilling for cre8ting Peace Sticks...and making a place for us to come and join in community in ONE LOVE, ONE TRIBE. I had a wonderful much fun.....I so love peace sticks....the onenes...the being in the you, Shine...."

Robin Mesa

"Feeling in the flow of inner and outer rhythm. Thank you to peace sticks and Shine and the peaceful warriors."

Vashti Blacker

"Thank you for bringing us light, ideas, creativity, determination... new ways to move our bodies, our energies..."

–Marian Campos