What is Peace Sticks?

Peace Sticks is life activating, connecting practice, that embodies the energies of Yoga, Chi Gung, Martial Arts, Tribal Dance, Music and community weaving Ceremony.
It cultivates vibrant health, pure awareness, life force energy, and balanced empathic, peaceful connection between people and all our relations. LEARN MORE

How Do We Play?

We use sacred, crafted sticks to throw and catch amongst each other using our full awareness, and energetic capabilities to give and receive in balance and harmony .
This opens our beings to the flow of nature, bringing our bodies, minds, breath and spirit into a full movement meditation. LEARN MORE

Who Can Play?

Peace Sticks is for people of all ages and physical conditions. I taught my one year old son and my 80 year grandmother to play.


All you need are Peace Sticks and one or more friends. The more the better!

Peace Sticks offers workshops for:






As you continue to play you enter deeper and deeper into the zone, where you are able to act effortlessly from your deepest power. The opportunity to discover our true ability and strength gives you the confidence to meet the world with peace and offer your true gifts.
Physical: Cardio work out, relives stress, oxygenates all cells in the body, increases reflexes, hand eye coordination, strength, flexibility, and endurance.
Mental: Connects neural pathways between left and right hemispheres of the brain, shown to increase mental abilities, development, and help mental disorders such as dyslexia.
Emotional/ social: The practice is based on non-judgment and collaboration. This creates the opportunity for us to experience and discover ourselves and others on a very deep level building true self confidence and friendship.
Spiritual: In this technology age our minds are often flooded with stimulation and information from computers, cell phones, video games, etc. This leads to high levels of stress, and a disconnection from ourselves and nature. Peace Sticks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to enter into a state of clear mind, meditation. This allows us to connect with our spirit, to hear and feel our own heart and being, and bring forth our unique gifts and healing into the world.
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